[GnomeMeeting-list] Gnome Meeting 0.94.0

Here's the scoop

I reinstalled SuSE 8 -- I love doing this but don't ask why !

I did the update to SuSE 8 to get it current.

I downloaded the files necessary from SuSE Gnome2 to get gnomemeeting

I installed everything using rpm -i --nodeps filename.rpm

I then installed the openh323 and pwlib from the gnomemeeting site.

I then installed OpenLDAP2 and SDL from the SuSE 8 discs.

I then installed gnomemeeting.

I then ran gnomemeeting and filled in my information.

After hitting finished, Gnomemeeting opened up and I got the following:

	Error	while registering to ils.seconix.com - I clicked OK
	Error Failed to parse XML file		 - I clicked OK

Gnomemeeting opens up but I cannot connect to the ils server. When I hit
'REFRESH', it tells me I have to register.

I'm almost there !!


Dave Dunster, VE5DGD

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