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Le sam 16/11/2002 ŕ 01:37, Stefan Bruens a écrit :
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> > I don't know, I never understood how Suse is dealing with directories.
> > Perhaps somebody on this mailing list is running Suse and can help.
> The problem is that the gnomemeeting-config-tool makes some assumptions which 
> dont correspond with the gconf api documentation. From

That's wrong.

> :
> "The schema files should be installed to $(sysconfdir)/gconf/schemas/"
> $(sysconfdir) for Gnome2 ist /etc/opt/gnome2 on SuSE
> Then there is the actual database, which is referred by GCONF_CONFIG_SOURCE or 
> "gconftool-2 --get-default-source". Path of these is stored in 
> $(sysconfdir)/gconf/$(MAJOR_VERSION)/path.

If you open gnomemeeting-config-tool and have a look in the sources to
the function that installs the schemas, you can see that
gnomemeeting-config-tool respects what GConf defines :

installschemas () {


    if [ -n "$WARNINGANSWER" ] && [ "$WARNINGANSWER" = $ACCEPT ]; then


	SOURCE=`gconftool-2 --get-default-source`
	gettext "Shutting down GConf daemon"; echo
	gconftool-2 --shutdown

	gettext "Installing schemas"; echo
	--makefile-install-rule $SYSCONFDIR/gconf/schemas/gnomemeeting.schemas

You clearly see that the schemas are installed in
$SYSCONFDIR/gconf/schemas using the right GCONF_CONFIG_SOURCE

If it fails on Suse, it is because the RPM generates a wrong
gnomemeeting-config-tool with a wrong sysconfdir. So please check that
you compilation flags for the Suse RPM include the right --sysconfdir
parameter during the compilation.

> So all the pathes are consistent (although you may say a little bit strange), 
> the problems are due to gnomemeeting-config-tools assumptions.

No, see above. gnomemeeting-config-tool doesn't make any assumption and
is respecting what you wrote in the mail. If the used sysconfdir is
wrong, then it is because the rpm is compiled with a wrong sysconfdir.

> Still don't know why sometimes the schema-installation is failing during the 
> rpm installation, as the postinstall script uses the correct pathes, will 
> look further into this.

Thanks for your work on those RPMs!

> Stefan
> PS: Was laying in bed with a stomach flu for 2 days ...
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