Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Is there a statically linked binary ofgnomemeeting?


The main problem is, that the installation of gnome2 will need a huge set of
newer libraries for a system which has not included gnome2.
Also static linking seems not to work as the internationalisation library
"libpango" always wants to load a set of shared libraries. Are there any
possibilities to get a "portable" version of gnomemeeting which can be used
on systems not using gnome2.

I am just looking for an easy to use open source telephony system that
provides H.323 and Gatekeeper support ;)


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> It should be possible, and in fact is has been done in the past, in very
> old versions of GnomeMeeting.
> The sad part is that you will also need to have at least gconf properly
> installed on any machine you wish to run GnomeMeeting on.
> If you can't really afford to install a few libs on that old machine,
> maybe the best idea would be to use one of the sample programs provided
> in the openh323 distribution.
> Hope this helps.

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