[GnomeMeeting-list] "RedHat 8.0" + "Gnomemeetring

Hi everybody,
may be someone in this group has the same issue (and having found a solution fot it:-) If i'm starting the machine with the usb-webcam dropped in (an "Dell" notebook with the system by "RedHat 8.0") "kudzu" is starting too with a message of finding an 'unknown' soundcard and gave me the decision to configure or to ignore it. So out of the past i know i came into trouble with a configuration i try to 'ignore' it, it must be the soundcard of the microphone, which is built in of the "Philips ToUcam Pro", but only when i typed (i think) 'F3' the 'start' has gone further - with the result, of trying by start to 'X' a message appears, that there is no psm, or so! Then under the point 'mixer' at first i had only the possibility to change the values for the microphone. That's the problem. Under 'lsmod' i had also: usb-uhci; pwcx-gcc32; audio; pwc; videodev and the 'usbmgr'- program is also installed, cause i don't want to change _the running kernel._ (Cause i'm not sure in how it goes!) When i try to put this webcam to usb, when the machine is running, "Gnomemeeting" runs too, but with problems to talk over the microphone - is better way to chat!
For a little help i would be  l u c k y!
Thomas Rump  (Germany)

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