Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Speex codec for NetMeeting?

Actually the MS-GSM codec that you can download on is
not the Ms-GSM codec. Windows already ships with the MS-GSM codec, but
it is simply hidden. The .exe's purpose is just to "unlock" it.

But I guess that doing a Speex codec addon for Netmeeting is possible
using the Netmeeting Software Development Kit.

Le mer 13/11/2002 à 13:54, Robert W. Brewer a écrit :
> Hi all,
> Since there is a little app to download from the GnomeMeeting site
> to make the MS-GSM codec work in NetMeeting, it got me thinking that
> maybe there is a way to install the Speex codec in NetMeeting as
> a third-party codec.  Does anybody know if this is possible or has
> done this?  I figure that if I'm asking my friends to run something
> to get GSM to work, maybe I could just have them run Speex while I'm
> at it.
> -Rob

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