Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Sound problems with 0.94

The only thing that I can add to Stefan description is that you have to
make sure that you are using  ALSA. I have the same soundcard as you,
and OSS is not able to make it work correctly in full-duplex mode as
required by GnomeMeeting.

Le mar 05/11/2002 à 14:24, E. Sean Rintel a écrit :
> G'day all,
> First, even though I haven't yet got it going properly, I really want 
> to thank Damien for his hard work creating a linux videoconferencing 
> utility.
> OK, so here's the problem.
> I've been trying to get GM 0.94 working in Mandrake linux 9.0 for 
> several days now, but I'm having trouble with sound. Video (Logitech 
> QuickCam) works fine. My sound card (SoundBlaster PCI 128) works with 
> all other applications and I can hear myself through the mic (I can 
> record sound in other programs), but not with GM.
> It actually worked once, but my partner (using NM3) could only hear 
> every second word and GM kept exiting involuntarily (which is another 
> problem).
> Since then every time I use GM I get a message saying that the sound 
> device is busy. 
> I have taken the following steps to try and rectify the problem: 
> 1) ensured that I have no other program that uses sound is running - 
> indeed, I've run only GM and had the same problem. 
> 2) I've even disabled sounds for events in Gnome. 
> 3) My partner installed the the MS-GSM codec.
> 4) I followed the advice on this list and set my jitter buffer to 600, 
> GSM frames to 3, G.711 frames to 20 (I know they probably won't make 
> a difference, but anyway...)
> 5) I set my video framerate low (5fps) in case that was taking 
> bandwidth from the sound.
> 6) I have checked that my firewall (shorewall) is allowing all the 
> required ports for GM.
> So, any advice?
> Is there any program that I can run to reset the audio device before I 
> run GM? Or can I give GM preference? Or is there some way I can find 
> out what programs are using audio so I can kill them? Or is there 
> some internal or external setting that I need to be using?
> Until anon,
> Sean
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