[GnomeMeeting-list] Sound problems with 0.94

G'day all,

First, even though I haven't yet got it going properly, I really want 
to thank Damien for his hard work creating a linux videoconferencing 

OK, so here's the problem.

I've been trying to get GM 0.94 working in Mandrake linux 9.0 for 
several days now, but I'm having trouble with sound. Video (Logitech 
QuickCam) works fine. My sound card (SoundBlaster PCI 128) works with 
all other applications and I can hear myself through the mic (I can 
record sound in other programs), but not with GM.

It actually worked once, but my partner (using NM3) could only hear 
every second word and GM kept exiting involuntarily (which is another 

Since then every time I use GM I get a message saying that the sound 
device is busy. 

I have taken the following steps to try and rectify the problem: 

1) ensured that I have no other program that uses sound is running - 
indeed, I've run only GM and had the same problem. 

2) I've even disabled sounds for events in Gnome. 

3) My partner installed the the MS-GSM codec.

4) I followed the advice on this list and set my jitter buffer to 600, 
GSM frames to 3, G.711 frames to 20 (I know they probably won't make 
a difference, but anyway...)

5) I set my video framerate low (5fps) in case that was taking 
bandwidth from the sound.

6) I have checked that my firewall (shorewall) is allowing all the 
required ports for GM.

So, any advice?

Is there any program that I can run to reset the audio device before I 
run GM? Or can I give GM preference? Or is there some way I can find 
out what programs are using audio so I can kill them? Or is there 
some internal or external setting that I need to be using?

Until anon,


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