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Le mar 05/11/2002 à 11:57, liumin a écrit :
> Thanks for your answer. You mean if I install the openMCU, I can send
> the video to n people without changing gnomemeeting? Can you tell me the
> detail? Should the n people apply a multicast address, and I send the
> video to the multicast address? All of us need to install openMCU at
> first, right?
No , i'm sorry, rereading my answer makes me see that i wasn't too clear
in fact only one of you have to install the MCU, and preferabily the one
who have the most bandwidth. That's a server, so only one install it,
and then everybody connect to the MCU.
Just notice that you have to launch the MCU before your GM if you are
the one who install the MCU, because both listen to port 1720 for
incoming calls. and you will be warned at GM's startup that your GM
can't listen at port 1720 as it wil be used by the MCU
but just make your friends call the MCU and connect yourself to it and
you'll be able to do n to n videoconf. :)

hope this clearer than the privious answer :)

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> Le mar 05/11/2002 à 07:20, liumin a écrit :
> > Can I send video to two person at the same time?
> > 
> hello,
> for now the way to do n to n videoconference is to use a MCU (Multi
> conference Unit) as openMCU you can find on .
> You can see screenshot of the use of such MCU on :
> g
> Hope this answers your question.
> Fabrice
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