Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] bandwidth dying above 90?

I realize this gives me better quality which is why originally i set it to
100% but it was dropping off my connection ..flooding my network or
something because it became hard to get to sites.. so I began to ping
around and found that the data was somehow being corrupted .. I am not
sure how or by what exactly .. but I know it somehow revolves around GM
either using too much bandwidth or something also I do limit my Framerate
It is limited to 8 FPS. and I have tried all sorts of combinations of the
background blocks. currently those are set to 10 and seem to work ok as
they are now.. my upstream is fairly consistant I never had a problem
before as I have been using many different video chat tools such as
netmeeting in windows and eyeball chat and even some korean websites such
as that have video chat rooms where 10 people at a time
can be in the same room, so i doubt its an inconsistant upstream. the
round trip delay also increases from around 70ms to over 4000ms when set
higher than 90% and (earlier in the last email) i wasnt pinging the person
i was connected to i was pinging a machine on a campus with multiple T1
connections. the roundtrip delay on the server i was pinging also went
down to 4000ms round trip. maybe its a H.261 thing I dont know but it
didnt seem to do the same thing when I connected to another person using
GM it seemed to only do it when I was connected with a NM user. anyway
just some puzzling things to me.. maybe it seems more cut and try to the
rest of you guys.
Charlie Campbell

Damien Sandras said:
> Actually, setting the quality to 90% leads to a very good quality
> picture that is why it requests more bandwidth. You can set teh
> framerate to a lower value to spare some bandwidth.
> I'm actually using 90% and 6 FPS on a 128kbps upstream, so I guess that
> your upstream is not always of very good quality: you can check the
> effective upload streams in the statusbar, just make the sum of the A
> and V values that are on the left. That corresponds to the audio and
> video upload speeds. Also notice that the "ping" is not always a very
> good measure, you would better watch the Round Trip Delay in the GM
> 0.94.1 statistics part which is more accurate.
> Netmeeting is not using 90% quality but something like 80 or less, but
> they are using H.263 which is a bit better than H.261 but its use is
> restricted.
> Le mar 05/11/2002 à 08:44, Charlie Campbell a écrit :
>> Interesting things happening when quality is set above 90.. i have
>> found i get erratic errors when setting my quality setting above 90%.
>> My video stops sending and I start seeing packet errors to other
>> networks.. for instance if I ping a server for 40 seconds all pings
>> are fine set GM about 90% and move around a little and then I get ping
>> responses that look like this
>> 64 octets from icmp_seq=8 ttl=14 time=1504.1 ms
>> wrong data byte #0 should be 0x35 but was 0x3434 74 c7 3d 18 28 d 0
>>         8 9 a b c d e f 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 1a 1b 1c 1d 1e
>> 1f 20
>> 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
>>         28 29 2a 2b 2c 2d 2e 2f
>> I know this is only seq 8 on this set but I have tested this over and
>> over and get the same results pretty much every time.. my connection
>> is ADSL 1.5Mbit down and 256kb/s up. I assume this could mean that I
>> am exceeding my upstream bandwidth by using the higher quality. If
>> needed I can give more details on my settings. The person I am
>> connected to is also using Windows Netmeeting on a Windows XP machine
>> updated to SP1. Her bandwidth is godlike .. 400KB/sec download... and
>> yes I have seen it myself.. and no I couldnt believe it either. heh.
>> anyway I found this to be very interesting.
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>> Charlie Campbell
>> aka xghost232
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