Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] GM & GNU Gatekeeper issues

Have you checked that the video codecs are started in GM?
If they are started, it means that the data do not arrive to GM, or to
NM, and as the GNU/GK is here used to do proxying, I would guess it is a
bug in the proxying code.

Le lun 04/11/2002 à 22:07, Marc Williams a écrit :
> I know what you're thinking; what makes me so sure what follows is a GM
> issue instead of a gnugk issue?  Well, I don't.  But I have to start
> somewhere and since GM is cool and gnugk is ugly, I thought I'd start
> here.  (Don't tell anyone I said that...)
> I've got a fairly functional gnugk setup on my server.  There's still
> some things I have to work out, but all in all it works.  Except for one
> thing.
> When I initiate calls from GM, I can get to all of my NM clients just
> peachy.  Everything just works.  Likewise with my NM to NM sessions. 
> The problem arises when a NM client initiates a session to GM.  It
> connects and provides audio but no video.
> I have absolutely no idea how to begin to troubleshoot this.  Any help?
> In case anyone is familiar, here is my gnugk.ini.  It's pretty stock:
> [Gatekeeper::Main]
> Fourtytwo=42
> [RoutedMode]
> GKRouted=1
> AcceptUnregisteredCalls=1
> SupportNATedEndpoints=1
> H245PortRange=30000-30010
> Q931PortRange=30011-30020
> # [RasSvr::ARQFeatures]
> # CallUnregisteredEndpoints=1
> [Proxy]
> Enable=1
> RTPPortRange=5000-5010
> InternalNetwork=
> [GkStatus::Auth]
> rule=allow
> Thanks for any help.
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