[GnomeMeeting-list] GnomeMeeting in Heise.de

Dear Heise,

I'm not a german speaker but I could understand the end of your article.
Basically it means :

"Doing video-conferencing with linux you'll get some real windows
feelings: A RedHat 8 System crashed several times that hard that only a
reboot helped. One hint: some older applications work more stable. The
current version 0.93 works with the gnome 2 and KDE desktop."

The following sentence should be corrected because it indicates a major
misunderstanding on the way GNU/Linux works. Actually, you seem to
indicate that there are major bugs in GnomeMeeting that prevent to use
it in a better way than on Windows system because you had hard crashes
of your system while using GnomeMeeting.

But that's obviously wrong. User programs in a Linux system are unable
to crash a system like under Widnows. If GnomeMeeting was buggy, it
would have crashed (Segmentation Fault), but in no case it is possible
for GnomeMeeting to crash a system. What happened is that you were
probably running a system with a buggy video driver (like the Logitech
Quickcam Express driver for example), and that the video formats and
size requested by GnomeMeeting made the driver crash. That way you can
have a system crash, but it is impossible to GnomeMeeting to crash the
system itself. Where would be the advantage of using Linux?

Please, before telling things on your homepage that users will believe,
try to be better informed and to read some documentation, but don't
blame user programs telling that they crashed your system when it is
technically impossible. 


 _	Damien Sandras
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