Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] ESD/aRtsd sound server support suggestion

le sam 02-11-2002 à 03:37, Dean Tsou a écrit :
> Hi Developers,
> Great job on GnomeMeeting, the IPTranslation works wonderfully on 0.94.1!
> Just thought I would suggest something that maybe useful for the 
> project. As I understand it, there is presently no sound server support 
> at all with GnomeMeeting, so to use audio, one must close all 
> applications that uses the sound device. Am I correct on this?


> If so, can I suggest that ESD support be implemented. I understand that 
> most KDE users use aRtsd and GNOME users uses ESD, but that fact is, 
> aRtsd can easily support ESD applications by running the command 
> "artsdsp esd" in the background.
> Anyway, just a suggestion. BTW, would it be difficult to modify 
> GnomeMeeting to use ESD? I am a computer science student, but don't know 
> much about the APIs and the structure of GnomeMeeting. Where can I find 
> out? Perhaps I can give something back.

There is ESD support in pwlib, but ESD (and probably artsd) are not very
well suited for GnomeMeeting usage:
- as soon as recording and playing are used at the same time, the CPU
goes to 50% and the voice quality becomes very bad.
- ESD is unable to record using a different audio device than the
playing audio device.

Damien Sandras 

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