[GnomeMeeting-list] ESD/aRtsd sound server support suggestion

Hi Developers,

Great job on GnomeMeeting, the IPTranslation works wonderfully on 0.94.1!

Just thought I would suggest something that maybe useful for the project. As I understand it, there is presently no sound server support at all with GnomeMeeting, so to use audio, one must close all applications that uses the sound device. Am I correct on this?

If so, can I suggest that ESD support be implemented. I understand that most KDE users use aRtsd and GNOME users uses ESD, but that fact is, aRtsd can easily support ESD applications by running the command "artsdsp esd" in the background.

Anyway, just a suggestion. BTW, would it be difficult to modify GnomeMeeting to use ESD? I am a computer science student, but don't know much about the APIs and the structure of GnomeMeeting. Where can I find out? Perhaps I can give something back.


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