Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Gnome 2

Le mer 26/06/2002 à 23:57, Miguel Rodríguez Pérez a écrit :
> El mié, 26-06-2002 a las 23:48, Chris Tooley escribió:
> > Thanks a lot for the work that you have done, it's truly an amazing
> > application.
> > 
> > Are there any plans for an applet as the gnome developers have...
> > <cough>wisely</cough> chosen to not include a dock function in gnome 2?
> > 
> The docklet thing is scheduled for gnome 2.2; in fact the code is
> already written, but it needs Gtk+2.2 (at this time in development). So
> maybe the _wise_ thing is just to wait a little (6 months?) and have it
> fixed once for all.

It hink, but I'm not sure, that libegg will be part of Gnome 2.0.x in a
few weeks. The translucent panel and docklet stuff should thus appear in
that release of Gnome 2. But I may be wrong.
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