[GnomeMeeting-list] Snapshot KO


Just for those of you who regularly download snapshots, the last one is
unusable. Big changes have been made by kenneth (Thanks Kenneth!) to put
utility functions into a separate library. It was the opportunity for
him to rewrite the history combo box, but there is currently a small bug
that makes GM crash.

Just to remind you that CVS snapshots can be unstable, unusable, and
that it is *perfectly normal* (or it would be called a release and not a
CVS snapshot ;) ).

Btw, I would like that people make a better use of ils.seconix.com,
since we moved from argo.dyndns.org to ils.seconix.com, few people
register on it and there is always the problem of the numerous people
browsing it, calling registered people, without being registered
themselves. That is not fair...

 _	Damien Sandras
(o-	GnomeMeeting - H.323 Videoconferencing Application -
//\		web:  http://www.gnomemeeting.org/
v_/_	H.323 phone:  callto://ils.seconix.com/dsandras seconix com

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