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Le lun 17/06/2002 à 15:09, Florian Winger a écrit :
> Hi list,
> i have little trouble with installing Gnome2 which I need for
> Gnomemeeting-0.95. I found the Gnome Installer (installer-rpm-glibc2.2-i386) on the
> homepage. Actually I thought this will automatically install the latest
> version, which is Gnome2 or? But this has installed the 1.4 version. Is there
> an installer for Gnome2, too?? If not where can I get the rpms for SuSE 7.1 or
> SuSE 8.0??
> Regards Flo

Suse is the only distributions for which Gnome2 packages are not

If I was you, I would wait one week, because Gnome2 is officially
released in one week and we can hope Suse rpms.
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