Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Miror feature

Of course, this feature is present since the beginning.

In 0.85, it is enough to right-click on the video while being in a call
and select 'Local / Remote / Both'.

After a discussion with usability people of Gnome, it has been decided
that the view menu was a far better place and a far more evident place
for that setting, so that Menu and the Zoom menu have been moved to the
view menu. In 0.92, that option is thus in the View menu of

Le mar 11/06/2002 à 11:08, Julien Narboux a écrit :
> Hi,
> Gnomemeeting is getting better and better but ...
> (Perhaps I didn't find the right button ) Is it possible to see yourself 
> during the call ?
> It would be very useful in order to know what you are sending because I 
> think I can't use another software to display the  picture because the 
> v4l  device is already in use.
> Thanks
> Julien
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