Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Microphone sound is very low

It is not really gnomemeeting-related, but if you install ALSA there is
a way in the config file to enable the microphone amplifier, it is only
accessible in asound.conf, the alsa config file.

Le lun 10/06/2002 à 12:02, andy_man popmail com a écrit :
> I saw this discussion recently, that a person couldn't get any sound out of his microphone.
> I have I similar problem, I *do* get sound, but it's always very low compared to other sound sources like xmms and others.
> When I run gmix, I can see that the Microphone volume is set to very low.
> Also, it's not set to "muted", however, it is set to "recording".
> So I change the volume to a higher level. I also set all other bars to maximum.
> Also, I set microphone to "muted".
> But it doesn't work.
> Another thing is that, as soon as I move the "microphone" volume bar,
> the checkbox for "muted" changes to "unmuted".
> And the next time a start up gmix, the volume level is reset to the previous low level.
> And no, I haven't checked the checkbox saying "reset ... after restart".
> What could be causing this, any ideas on what I should do?
> Andy
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