Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] compiling gnomemeeting 0.93.0 for powerpc

>>>>> "Sander" == Sander Smeenk <ssmeenk freshdot net> writes:

    Sander> Quoting marshal h9 dion ne jp (marshal h9 dion ne jp):
    >> Since there are no powerpc debs, and the debian maintainers
    >> have been slow to get 0.93.0 onto the mirrors, and I need to
    >> try out 0.93.0 to see if things work properly for debian, I've
    >> decided to try to roll my own debs.

    Sander> Uhm. Hi, I package GnomeMeeting, for Debian GNU/Linux?

    Sander> You say 'the maintainer has been slow to get 0.93.0 onto
    Sander> the mirrors' ?  I think you mean that your local
    Sander> mirror was slow in sync'ing the new Debian
    Sander> packages and staying up to date, since I uploaded 0.93.0
    Sander> to Debian earlier than Damien released it on his website!!

Sorry, didn't mean to imply anything.  I know maintainers are busy
people, and I usual am willing to wait.  But sometimes, you gotta
hustle when you wait.  ^_^

Thanks for you work.

    Sander> Which basicly means that building GnomeMeeting failed
    Sander> because libbonobo2-0 wasn't installable, and that IS a
    Sander> build-dependency.

hmm, maybe I'll be doing even MORE compiling?  ^_^

    Sander> FTP to
    Sander>  The
    Sander> file 'gnomemeeting_0.93.0-1.diff.gz' is the i386 diff that
    Sander> should be 'patched' against
    Sander> gnomemeeting_0.93.0.orig.tar.gz.

Thanks.  I'm not sure if I did my editing of configure properly.  I
tried to patch the 0.92.1 diff to the 0.93.0 file tree, and then fix
up any bits that didn't patch, by hand.  It was a severe PIA, and made
me realize that the one BIG difference between humans and machines.
They don't get bored.  ^_^  So I'm not sure if config is completely

Thanks for your help.  Is there anything that I can to to help push
this along?


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