Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Bug#128588: gnomemeeting: Limited diagnostic information

tor 2002-01-10 klockan 14.33 skrev Sander Smeenk:
> > > I have had a bug filed against gnomemeeting. 
> > > FYI, I don't know how to fix this :(
> > Why the Debian Bug Tracking System? GnomeMeeting uses GNOME Bugzilla,
> > bugs and suggestions that aren't strictly just Debian packaging problems
> > should go there.
> You go tell all the people that use Debian and have typed 
> 'apt-get install gnomemeeting'. :)
> They don't care, they just report it to the package maintainer.

That may be, but filing all bugs against the Debian bug tracking system
regardless of their nature doesn't necesarily help the problem to get
More likely the opposite, since most problems are likely not caused by
the packaging, and there is always the danger of all bug reports that
are upstream problems not getting forwarded upstream.
In any case, how to file GnomeMeeting bugs is described in detail on the
GnomeMeeting homepage.


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