Re: slow capturing (Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Firewire camera)

El mié, 13-02-2002 a las 14:41, ryutaroh it ss titech ac jp escribió:
> (This is a resent message from subscription address of the list.)
> Thanks for your reply.
> From: Damien Sandras <sandras info ucl ac be>
> > thanks for your work.
> > Are there any changes to apply to gnomemeeting itself ?
> No. It's essentially a matter of PWlib only.
> Regarding on this matter, I found that video capturing of
> GnomeMeeting is slower than ohphone when a FireWire webcam is
> used. Ohphone can capture CIF images at 15 fps, while GM seems able to
> capture only at 6 fps when H323 connection is not made.
> After connection is made, ohphone captures images at 9 fps while GM
> does at 3.6 fps when I keep still. If I move frequently, the frame
> rates of both programs decrease.
Maybe this is related to the fact that GM uses gdk_pixbuf to render the
image (this lets GM scale and dither the image if necessary), so it can
add a little overhead. Anyway I can capture from a bttv card without any
noticeable drop of framerate, so I guess your computer is quite slow...

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