[GnomeMeeting-list] Final solution

  I have thought about all the mails, and I came in #usability to discuss
  with usability experts.
  I discussed with :
  kiko and mpt (Mozilla UI design person)

  It seems that keeping the prefs button is a good point given that we can
  need a very quick access.

  It seems that having 2 toolbars is a good point too compared to a unique
  toolbar with all the buttons that would make to app look too wide.

  It seems that the vertical toolbar doesn't break usability, but is is preferable
  to have 2 horizontal toolbars than a vertical toolbar as it is not common
  for most of the applications.

  You see, all of us had good ideas, but they had the key with the good solution:

  * first toolbar (or second one) : URL, with the connect/disconnect button on
  the right

  * second toolbar : LDAP browser / Chat window / Prefs window || video preview /
  Mute Audio / Mute video (with a red cross on the icon when it is muted).
  Other buttons go away. But we still do not know if the URL should be the first
  or the second toolbar !

  That closes the thread, and what I like with this kind of things, is that
  I was not 100% wrong (it happens), and you were not 100 %wrong neither. 
  We should have gone in #usability before.

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