Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Re: Gnomemeeting not running over the net...

Le mar 23/04/2002 à 12:54, Hugh Daniel a écrit :
>   They are to both be congratulated and thanked and then NOT coddled,
> as the work is in no way done.  Bug reports, criticisms and even
> whining (what I have to do by decree for most of my crypto work) are
> valid feedback THAT MUST NOT STOP if GnomeMeeting and other projects
> are to reach the quality level that make the core of Unix useful, so
> useful that Linux is a cone of it.

I just want to add 3 things to this mail to hopefully close the thread :

- The first persons to thank are Craig and Robert. Without them, there
wouldn't be the OpenH323 stack and without that stack there wouldn't be
GnomeMeeting. The amount of work that they made is impressive.

- GConf is not crap. I don't like GConf too much myself, but it will add
interesting functionnality. However, GnomeMeeting is a Gnome program,
and as long as Gnome uses GConf, I will use GConf too. I don't think
that it is so bad, as SUN, for example, is promoting Gnome and coding
for Gnome and thus for GConf. The problem you had is not related to
GConf is my sense. It has always been easy to do an export DISPLAY to
display GnomeMeeting on another machine than the one it is running on,
and it works very well with all versions of GnomeMeeting.
>   Of course I am sure that Mr. Sandras would appreciate actual code
> and documentation contributions even more then feeback...  But

- I get feedback and people on that mailing list can tell you that I'm
always listening to feedback to improve my software. I'm very open to
constructive feedback. But telling that gconf is crap only because you
had one problem is not constructive because you had no time to discover
all the possibilities offered by gconf.

> realistically I am busy with my work and could point out that GConf
> was breaking GnomeMeeting, I do NOT have the time this week to go rip
> out GConf from GM and put something more robust in.  Though if I keep
> up this email flamage I might just waste that much time!
>   Back to other things for me, and hopefully for all of you.  Have
> fun.
> 		||ugh Daniel
> 		hugh toad com
> 			     ...troublemakers both on and off the net...

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