Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Re: Gnomemeeting not running over the net...

I'll try to answer a piece of the (totally unneeded) sarcastic rant.

>   I was quite able to read your web page (and one of the best in our
> community at that!), I was just unwilling to submit a bug report via
> bugzilla or any web page portal.  I edit my bug reports in my local
> editor and send them in via email.

It is still possible to use an editor to write the bug report. Then just
use copy+paste. A truly marvelous invention that I'm sure you're already
familiar with.

> I would be happy to take an ASCII
> form and fill in a couple of fields used to sort the report.  Beyond
> that I find the web bug reporting interfaces to be horrid.

Suggestions for improvements are welcome, not to this list though, as it
is somewhat offtopic. Bugzilla has its own category in Bugzilla, if you
have any detailed and fruitful criticisms ("I don't like it" doesn't
pass that definition) just file it in the Bugzilla category.

>   So I am pushing folks to have bugs probject address.  What if I did
> NOT have a high speed line into the net but was only on the net via
> UUCP?  Don't laugh (if you even know what that is, it's getting a bit
> long in the tooth these days...) I have friends who are using UUCP and
> sometimes FTP and thats it for access to the net.  Really.

There reportedly is an email interface to Bugzilla. I don't remember the
details though, but I'm sure some of the people on #bugs at can answer questions about it.

>   It's at least secure.  Inside their house they are using V4L for a
> baby monitor though...

Hmm, don't know how this is relevant.

>   I did not find the doc for GConf and ORBit because they are not in
> the fricking system.  If they are not findable by "man -k THING" they
> are not Unix programs and don't belong on my system.  Period.

You are welcome to delete any software on your system that doesn't fit
your needs. I don't care what policies you have on your system, and I
doubt a lot of other people do. By the way, I just tried "man kernel"
and it failed, so there you have another hint for software you can

No, I'm of course not being serious, and neither are you. If you were
serious about anything you would be a bit more polite and offer
suggestions in a more friendly tone instead of just basically saying
"your software sucks, I will delete it". This isn't your favorite
commercial vendor, these are the volunteer efforts of other people, and
these people are not paid to put up with people being asses and stupid
threats about removing the software. Noone cares if you remove the
software. I guarantee though that developers are interested in detailed
suggestions of how the software can be made better, and even more so
offers to help out if possible.

A "unfortunately I culdn't find man pages" would have been enough. Even
better would be filing a report about missing man pages in Bugzilla, so
that developers can remember to have a look at the problem at a later
point. Even one step better would of course also be to offer to help in
writing some man pages, but of course not everyone has the time to do
so. Including developers. "I don't have time to write man pages" may be
an excuse but it's not an excuse for being an ass about the man pages
being missing.

>   I _am_ serious, crazy as it sounds.  Unix IS learnable due to things
> like the well thought out "information mapping" and permuted index
> that make up the man pages.  Not the horror that is info pages or
> HOWTO's, they are just easy ramps (the HOWTO's are useful in some few
> cases where your trying to copy exactly what someone else has done on
> the same hardware, with the same rev of the software, with the same
> librarys, etc. etc. etc.) for some beginner hobbyists.

How is this section relevant to GnomeMeeting?

>   For some reason Gnomemeeting uses Gconf and therefor your somewhat
> responsible for it.  If you did not use it then I would be running the
> test I wanted to run by now, not that it was any big deal in the first
> place.

GConf is the configuration mechanism chosen in GNOME. Deal with it.
Detailed criticisms are welcome, but those should go to other mailing
lists or inte Bugzilla.

Skipped the rest of the stupid rant as it seemed unworthy of anyone
reading it.

Have a nice day,

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