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I know that zipping for gnome allows you to encode in mpeg1 format.  It
works really great also.  I just wish it worked better under KDE since that
is what I use the most.  If you haven't check it out.
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le jeu 06-12-2001 à 17:18, Leonardo Milano a écrit :
> Dear friends from GM,
> I have a suggestion, how about letting the user do
> any of these:
>   *  save a movie (mpeg for instance) log of the GM session
>      in her/his disk
>   *  save individual snapshots
> Of course you can do snapshots with a screen-grabber, but
> a "save a snapshot" button in the app. would be cool I guess.
> And I can imagine a "record" button too, from where you can
> start/stop recording and also save the movie. I understand
> this is not implemented, and Paul suggested me to propose it
> here in the list.
> Would it be too much trouble Damien ?. Is it worthy ?
> Thank you so much for GM !.
> -- Leo


The movie thing is rather difficult to implement, but feasible. Perhaps
in the future when more important things will have been implemented.

The snapshot thing is easier to implement, and funny. I'll try to do it
in one of the next releases...

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