Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Win32 build

Hello Kilian, hello everybody,
this is a late answer to your wish that the Win32-build should not become sort 
of a garbage collector. 

On Wednesday 19 April 2006 20:29, Kilian Krause wrote:
> Michael,
> > I wonder whether you can do something similar. Thanks,
> well, any reason to do this in the packaging rather than the win32 part
> of the makefile itself? Is there any reason to not put this right where
> it belongs rather than working around it?
> From what you write it sounds to me as if the support is mature enough
> to be part of ekiga/win32 in general. Thus I'd welcome if you could come
> forth with a patch to the ekiga source rather than my packaging. (In
> case I have missed why this is not a good idea, i'll be happy to add
> this to my makefile)

I totally agree. I think that it is general problem that the top ranking 
instance of the Win32 build are the files and patches in the diff directory. 
I have had a look at  ekiga/ and the various s. I 
think Win32 could share them with Linux (for Ekiga, not opal or pwlib). I have 
attached a couple of files as an example how it could be done.
1) ekiga/ already contains code to identify the target-OS. If this 
is moved to the begining of the file, then all default config values, 
installation directories and subsequent checks can be handled OS specific. 
For checking the Opal version also in Win32 I had to extend the 
diff/ for extracting the version.
2) AM_CONDITIONAL WIN32 can be used to tailor the s for install 
related stuff, linking of the resorce object and generate xhtml help.
In ekiga/help/; I could not convince the included 
gnome-doc-utils.make to provide the manual in html or xhtml format. So I have 
created a new target doc-xhtml: and provided my rule.

I think that these changes are compatible with Linux. I have build an Ekiga 
Ubuntu package with the ekiga_pkgconfig.patch applied and tested it without 

3) There is a ekiga/win32 directory which somehow waits for being populated. 
ekiga.ico, INSTALL_Gtk.txt should go in there. I have also made an ekiga.rc 
(legal stuff, version and build info, including icon) file and a tiny 
Makefile (collecting various info about version and build for the resource 
and future installer). So we can make in the win32 subdir.

In summary for the Ekiga part of the main Win32 Makefile these changes mean 
that you configure --prefix=$(BUILDROOT)/dist/Ekiga, make -C ekiga, make -C 
ekiga/help doc-xhtml. For target dist: you can install all of Ekigas files by 
make -C ekiga install.

Files in the attachment:
Makefile : my current Makefile for the whole build
win32 directory: goes into ekiga/win32
diff directory: 
  ekiga_pkgconfig.patch patches and the s
  resulting for better readability, version extracting

I know it is quite a bit of a change. But I also think - twisting Kilian's 
words - ekiga/win32  in general is mature enough that Kilian's packaging can 
be freed from what can go into ekiga source.

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