Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Refactoring of the addressbook code

Le Jeudi 8 Juin 2006 10:40, Julien PUYDT a écrit :
> > What makes you think that they get "refreshed" at some point?
> The user triggers the "refresh" action :-)

Then you loop again through the address book contacts ;-). No need to keep a 
copy of the contacts for that.

> > Promise, I will look someday what a "XMPP roster" is ;-).
> Perhaps you know what a "jabber roster" is?

No, and this article does not contain the word "roster" :-(.

> > Then you must some kind of evolved caching mechanism in your driver.
> > That's sounds overcomplicated and hard to code to me. If you simply loop
> > through the contacts, you can just get the information you need and
> > display it.
> I don't think a trivial proxying counts as an "evolved caching
> mechanism" :-)

I told you in private that I had a very lazy concept of programming ;-).

> Who's toast ? ;-)


> Can you add properties to the enum when inheriting ?


class Repas {
    enum plat { nouilles, riz, patates, pain };
    virtual void mange(plat p) = 0;

class BonRepas : public Repas {
    enum bonPlat { caviar = pain + 1, langouste, foiegras, saumon };
    virtual void mange(plat p);

void BonRepas::mange(plat p)
    if ((bonPlat) p == langouste) printf("Miam!\n");

With anonymous enums you should even be able to get rid of the casts. But 
named enums make the code clearer.

> Yes, yes, no problem. I'm happy to have feedback :-)

Thanks for your openess, Julien :-).

> glib, gobject & gtk+ already make ekiga run on win32.

I know. But I think it is always good to remove references to libraries if you 
do not really need them.

> Eh... that one was pretty bad for someone who has something against
> g-letter words ;-)

I have nothing against, I am just ignorant ;-).


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