Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Ekiga Crashed (CVS 24/01)...

Yannick - Debian/Linux wrote:
> Hi all,
> circumstancies :
> I called 500, set fullscreen for a while, then back to window mode
> (using keybord shortcut ctrl+f).
> Image was weird, like a "déja vu", repeated.
> Looking at menu "show" ("affichage" in french), i saw that the point
> that show selected video mode was switching continiously between local
> and distant, every half second (not allways the same time, but allways
> close to half a second). In fact i was seeing me in local mode then the
> remote, then me, then remote... endless. Pretty funny when it is your
> face in both side ! (like the effect in the movie "the scale of Jacob")


got it a few days ago but i cannot reproduce it anymore.

no crash was here.

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