[GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Plugin API

Hi! I wonder if upcoming versions of Ekiga are planned to have a plugin
API (like e.g. Gaim). It would allow additional useful functions to be
provided by third parties, while the main developers could continue to
hack on the core. And the codebase wouldn't be bloated. It could make
this application become even more popular.
Some examples might be:

-- Authentication

-- Function keys (like on real phones) that correspond to functions in
the PBX

-- Caller-ID with name and/or portrait (like on your mobile phone,
possibly in cooperation with gevolution)

-- Real-time Caller-ID number->name lookup from a database

-- Different ring signals depending on who calls

-- Determine what registar to use in order to get best rates at the

-- Recording calls, logging text chats

-- Cool effects on outgoing audio or video (like effectv.sf.net)

-- Spell checking in text chat


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