[GnomeMeeting-devel-list] [2nd round] Dbus' future in gnomemeeting


here is a new proposal for the dbus api... I'm trying to build a nice 2.0 proposal. The more experimental stuff should stay in the drawers for now ;-)

Methods for gnomemeeting as a whole :

* "GetCallsList"
 in    : nil
 out   : list of strings (call tokens)
* "GetSupportedProtocols"
 in    : nil
 out   : list of strings (example: "SIP", "H323")
* "GetLocalAddress"
 in    : string (protocol name)
 out   : string (address for that protocol)
* "GetVersion"
 in    : nil
 out   : int (version of the dbus api)

Methods on call tokens :

* "Connect"
 in    : string (url)
 out   : string (call token)
* "Disconnect"
 in    : string (call token)
 out   : nil
* "PlayPause"
 in    : string (call token)
 out   : nil
* "Transfer"
 in    : string (call token), string (url)
 out   : nil
* "ResignalCallInfo"
 in    : string (call token)
 out   : nil (the answer will come as directed signals)

Signals about call tokens :

* "state-changed"
 data  : string (call token), int (state of the call token)
* "name-info"
 data  : string (call token), string (remote name)
* "client-info"
 data  : string (call token), string (remote client software)
* "url-info"
 data  : string (call token), string (remote url)
* "protocol-info"
 data  : string (call token), string (protocol used)

Call states :

src/endpoint.h says :
 enum CallingState {Standby, Calling, Connected, Called};
(yes, much more was proposed, but I'm shooting for 2.0 !)

It looks both honest so usable, and reasonable so possible for 2.0...

I'm still interested by more input, but try to keep the 2.0 requirement in sight ;-)


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