[GnomeMeeting-devel-list] STUN and RTP ports range

As suggested by Julien, new thread ;-)

TCP ports: 5060:5100
UDP ports: 30000:30010
RTP ports: 6970:7170

Those are the standard one, no?

I use stun.voxgratia.org: in druid or in preferences, give me sometimes Cone Nat, sometimes Restricted NAT (the last one is ok). Anyway, I check on each call that stun is OK.

I can pass only *one* call, next ones have audio in one way.
Till today it was using successfully GM with:

TCP ports: 36560:36600
UDP ports: 30000:30010
RTP ports: 16384:16392

Here under part of a mail that you send on 22/11/05:

>>> >STUN is using those local ports to determine the holes on the gateway.
>>> >
>>> >Unfortunately, I have no idea why STUN reports NAT with restricted
>>> >ports, and works with some ports, but not with others.
>>> >
>>> >Perhaps Craig has an idea?
>>> >
>>> >
>> Got it:
>> RTP port range has to have minimum 9 ports eg 16384:16392 or 6170:6179
>> If this condition is fulfilled, everything is working well: you can
>> place how much calls you want, STUN is OK, no crashes, life is
>> beautifull (anyway)  ;-)
>> Another thing to know is that for udp_port range, even if you put
>> 5060:5060, ports till 5072 (more?) are used. I put those range to
>> 42600:42700 and it's working. This can avoid the problem of few softs
>> running on the same computer, listening to 5060, 5061,....

I will still ask Craig to fix pwlib to prevent the assertion.

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