Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Problems with gnomemeeting-snapshot (opal) and SIP-Provider


I'm still away, as part of my honey moon, so I can not fix your problem
and I can not try reproducing it. However, I can explain it :
- you are using as outgoing proxy
- OPAL is sending a first INVITE PDU with the correct To: field
- the proxy requests authentication
- OPAL sends an authenticated INVITE PDU, but the To: field is not
correct, it doesn't reprensent the called party
- the proxy accepts the call and sends a 200 OK answer with an incorrect
Contact: field which is created from the incorrect To: field sent by OPAL
- OPAL sends an ACK with a status line corresponding the Contact: field of
the 200 OK PDU, which is incorrect.

That's the reason why it fails. I'm not sure, but it could be related
to the fact that is used as "outbound proxy". Perhaps Craig can
have a look, I hope so, as I'm still away for at least 2 weeks.


> Hi,
> I try to use my VOIP-Account at with gnomemeeting but fail.
> A test with kphone was successful.
> Problem description:
> Registration works, Incoming calls work, but outgoing fails.
> Providerdata:
> sip proxy/outgoing proxy:
> realm:
> username: USERNAME
> Attached you will find to debug outputs, one from gnomemeeting and one
> from kphone. I replaced my username with USERNAME, my IP with
> MYCURRENTIP, and crippled the called number.
> gnomemeeting establishes a connection with the sip proxy, but the only
> thing I get is a anncouncment that the called number is not registered,
> with kphone it just works.
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