Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Re: GnomeMeeting as softphone for Asterisk

So I can use GnomeMeeting by using:
1) h323:joeuser gatekeeper example com (I suppose this user is registered
at '')
2) h323: (I suppose this IP's got a GnomeMeeting running)

And I can also install my own LDAP server to manage user, right?

2005/7/9, Peter Robinson <pbrobinson gmail com>:
> > > By the way (I told I'm quite new), how to connect GgnomeMeeting to a
> > > videoconference
> > > server?
> >
> > Gnomemeeting is Peer-To-Peer.
> > You have a user directory on a central server.
> Not necessarily. If you have a MCU (Multimedia Conference Unit) you
> can use gnomemeeting in conference mode. For video you'll need the 1.2
> version and 1.3 (gm-ng) doesn't yet support video. Any H323 client can
> connect to a MCU and conference as its handled by the MCU with
> basically appears as a standard H323 endpoint. Not sure if there is an
> equivilant SIP standard.
> Pete
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