Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] GnomeMeeting as softphone for Asterisk

Hi guys!

Thank you very much for your opinions!. I'm going to install Asterisk on a
FC-Linux server, and try GnomeMeeting as client. I'll share my experiences with
the group.

By the way (I told I'm quite new), how to connect GgnomeMeeting to a

Regards and enjoy your weekend.

2005/7/8, Colin Guthrie <gnomemeeting colin guthr ie>:
> Hi Thomas
> thomas Armstrong wrote:
> > I'm quite new in Asterisk and voIP. I'm trying to implement a
> > system/server to help my
> > firm's employees to make phone calls among them.
> >
> > I'm planning to install Asterisk on a server, and install GnomeMeeting
> > on every user's PC.
> >
> > Is it possible? Any similiar experience? Thank you very much.
> I've literally just done exactly the same system in my office.
> I've set up a small Mandriva based nfs-root, Asterisk server with three
> FXO interfaces.
> We're self contained in the office, so currently no connection to
> external VoIP systems (just our incomming land lines).
> As far as softphones, we've got Windows clients and Linux clients in the
> office. I've fiddled with kphone, sflphone and various others.
> kphone = functional but lacking features.
> slfphone = crashed all the time and cvs=highly unstable at the mo'
> So far gnomemeeting-opal has been the most stable and featureful. I've
> not tried video or instant messaging tho'. But as far as calls go it's
> been fine.
> I had to upgrade my Mandriva shipped libalsa for it to work properly
> tho' (just used the cooker versions).
> If by chance you do use Mandriva/Mandrake, I have SRPMS etc.  If anyone
> wants to host them on the CVS rpms page, please contact me.
> Feel free to discuss your Asterisk setup with me too if you like Thomas.
> All the best
> Col.

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