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Le mercredi 09 février 2005 à 18:21 +0000, blratislart dumdumdum a
écrit :
> I have just pretty much installed all the open source voip programs and 
> tested them briefly out. A few promising, a few horrible, a few ancient, ... 
> And at least one rather good. One with a decent GUI, sane configuration and 
> it seemed to work as well. With other products too. Yes, that was 
> Gnomemeeting. Quite good, I would say "commercial grade" but that doesn't 


> nowadays seem to mean anything anymore. Rather than Gnomemeeting being good 
> and just working (which is nice nevertheless) I would like it to be really 
> The application. It's missing a few tiny things to be perfect. At least 
> imho...

ok let's see.

> I read (from the archives) about how the next Gnomemeeting releases will 
> perhaps support sip too. If it came true it would be just awesome. 
> Interoperability is one of the key factors of the software. What good would 
> be a phone for if I couldn't reach my friends with it anyways.   Is there 
> any eta (even a very rough one?) when sip will work?

One week or two, for audio calls only. Video will be added later. Call
Hold, and Call Transfer will be added later too. I hope everything could
be finished for June. If you can give help, it is welcome.

> Furthermore is some maniac working on a Windows version? That would lure 
> more people to a) use Gnomemeeting b) use Linux. (And we all know that would 
> be gooood.) I bet the cygwin can't handle for instance the v4l stuff... ? 
> Interoperability with Windows client(s) would be quite nice indeed. 
> Netmeeting? It's plain horrible. Gnomemeeting ported to Windows would beat 
> the crap out of Netmeeting 100-0. Besides it seems Microsoft is slowly 
> getting rid of it and the features (for instance the video and audio codecs) 
> are seriously aging.

There is some work being done, and a new hope recently with one of our
users. If the windows port is not completed after the dual SIP/H.323
stack, I will work on it, but I have limited time and resources.

> I have been myself quite discontent with all the messengers and alike that 
> support video. Sure, they work, but why does the picture has be the size of 
> a post stamp? Seriously. You seen the funny image with Stevie Wonder at 
> front of the piano with the caption "I CAN'T SEE SHIT"? I feel constantly 
> just like that. All modern web cameras support 640x480 and some even more. 
> Most of us are on a broadband connection and/or have calculation power for 
> compressing the video on the fly.  Standard issues? When will we have 
> something that will supports larger pictures?
> (When will Gnomemeeting support H264 or some other codec with higher 
> compression rate? Will it?)

All those codecs are patented. The best we can hope is that the software
patents are rejected in Europe. If not, the only hope is with paying
proprietary codecs pluggable into gnomemeeting.

> I'd like to get a few words from the developers on these matters. There 
> didn't seem to be any sort of roadmap at least on the web pages..

There was one, but the website got hacked ;)

I hope I answered your questions and hopes.

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