Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Investigation of multiple-network-interfaces-disconnect-problem

Le mardi 19 avril 2005 à 11:10 +0200, Jan Schiefer a écrit :
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> I investigated a bit in the problem and found a possible soloution:
> BOOL OpalTransportUDP::WriteConnect is called to launch the register
> function ( WriteSIPInfo ). It tries to send the registration to each of
> the connectSockets.
> However WriteSIPInfo succedes even when it send's the data to an
> ethernet interface. It should FIRST try to connect to the server from
> the ACTUAL interface ( which shold fail if it's an ethernet interface or
> something similiar ) and if this succedes ( internet interface ) it
> should send the stuff.

Hello Jan,

there are several different solutions to that problem, but that is
unfortunately not something I will work on as it requires changes to the
core of the libraries.

That's something for Craig and Robert.
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