Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] [PATCH] Sound Input only plugins?

There is probably still a few problems before going into CVS though.

1) If you use the ALSA plugin, and have a camera with an internal
microphone, the list of input devices will be different from the list of
output devices, so the output plugin will be shown when it shouldn't.

What I suggest is to change that into the following :
- if the output plugin returns zero devices and the input plugin doesn't
return zero devices, then allow to change it.
- if not, then hide it.

Isn't that enough for a test?

I don't understand this :
+  // FIXME: hide/show the output_plugin_menu... there has to be a
better way.
+  gm_conf_set_string (AUDIO_DEVICES_KEY "output_plugin",
+		  gm_conf_get_string(AUDIO_DEVICES_KEY "output_plugin"));

3) druid.cpp has a couple of FIXME and some code commented out

The rest seems ok :)


Le mardi 05 avril 2005 à 15:15 +0900, Georgi Georgiev a écrit :
> maillog: 04/04/2005-19:53:18(+0200): Damien Sandras types
> > 
> > Excellent idea! If you can implement this, it will go as is in CVS
> > because that is really the best solution.
> > 
> > There is no need to present a choice to the user if it doesn't make
> > sense...
> Well, here it is.
> - The UI logic for the prefs window is added to manager_changed_nt in
>   src/config.cpp (I hope that was the right place).
> - The druid in this patch is almost the same (GUI-wize) as the original
>   one. I quickly had to revert some of my changes, so most of the split
>   audio plugins code is there, it is just that the druid sets the output
>   to be the same as the input.
> - Screenshots:
>   - druid-2.png shows the only noticeable difference in the interface
>     (it displays both input and output managers on the last page)
>   - prefs-?.png shows the prefs interface (it should probably be made a
>     bit nicer, but I didn7t know how to hide the label).
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