Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] New code:please test or comment

Damien Sandras wrote:

I have changed the code in GM so that the URL bar becomes an auto-
completion entry. It means that when you type, it proposes you a list of
valid URLs and names to call following the URLs in your calls history
and in your address book. Then you select in the list one item, and you

That call is not finished, as that list is not updated when you
receive/give or miss a call, it is not updated either when a contact is
removed/added/edited. So the completion list is only updated at startup.

It seems taht some entries are sometimes displayed twice in the list,
which is a bug I need to fix.

However, you can already test.

Here is how it works, imagine you have 3 items in the address book and
calls history:
1) Jonita Prifti : jonita net
2) Jonita Prifti :
3) Jonita Prifti : callto:

If you type :
- h323:Jo or callto:Jo, the 3 entries are presented (match on jonita)
- callto:pr or h323:pr, the 3 entries are presented (match on prifti)
- pr alone, the 3 entries are presented
- h323pr, no entries
- callto:jonita@ or h323:jonita@, the 1) entry is displayed (match on
the email part of the ILS callto, I thought it could be convenient)
-, no entries are displayed as that is the host
part of an ILS callto with an email address and possibly 300 results
-, the second entry is displayed

In general, the h323 and callto part are ignored. So callto:seco, will
match for example.

Does that seem logical? Do you think the examples above are right?

I have just tested it and here it works just great this is cool ;)

Please try for yourself and report everything that you find counter-


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