Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] V4L2 device detection patch


I will only answer to what concerns GnomeMeeting.

Le lundi 08 novembre 2004 à 20:49 +0100, Heikki Henriksen a écrit :

> * opening the camera with gnomemeeting (the camera-button in the     
> button-list) after the device device-list has appeared in the druid   
> gives me a full hang and I need to 'pkill gnomemeeting'. 
> This should be easily fixed by disabling the button-menu, whenever a  
> user starts the druid.

It is most probably a driver bug. I don't think adding a workaround for
a driver problem in GnomeMeeting is a good idea. The problem needs to be
fixed at its root, not as a workaround in the client.

> * opening the camera with another application after the device-list 
> has appeared in the druid, and then pressing "Test Settings" makes it 
> hang until I close the other application. The test then proceeds in 
> normal manner.

I think that is the same problem than above, and I also think it is a
driver problem. The Open shouldn't block, it should just fail...
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