Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] V4L2 device detection patch

søn, 07,.11.2004 kl. 15.52 +0000, skrev Nicola Orru':
> Has anyone managed to try this?

Nice one. I've had a long weekend, but I got around to test this now.
The new debian-packages already got everything patched up, so I didn't
need to apply any of my old or Nicola's patches. It worked
right-out-of-the-box, even the device-detection looks smooth.

A couple of points:

If the camera is open (by either gnomemeeting or another application),
it doesn't show up at all in the druid's video-device-list.

I managed to get a full hang by being nasty and playing around with
Device-Testing in the druid:

* opening the camera with gnomemeeting (the camera-button in the     
button-list) after the device device-list has appeared in the druid   
gives me a full hang and I need to 'pkill gnomemeeting'. 

This should be easily fixed by disabling the button-menu, whenever a  
user starts the druid.

* opening the camera with another application after the device-list 
has appeared in the druid, and then pressing "Test Settings" makes it 
hang until I close the other application. The test then proceeds in 
normal manner.

This one is unsolvable, without informing the user about what is 
happening (as far as I can tell). Something like "Please check that no
other application is using the video-device when running this test"
could be shown in the "Video Test Running"-window, but some might say
that is information-overflow :)

This was tested using 20041108.CVS-04 of libpt-cvs, no time to check the

I'll keep on running and testing new daily packages, and maybe test some
patches whenever I have the time :)


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