Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Documentation Images

Le 29/1/2004, "Christopher Warner" <zanee kernelcode com> a écrit:

>I've been thinking about adding images to documentation. Obviously I
>would use the normal default theme for Gnome and stock images. It will
>make the documentation nicer. However it will also increase the size of
>gnomemeeting substansially. Should I do this or should I refrain, any

I have no objections. I think other software are doing this.
Btw, I have thought you could talk about this :

That is a nice feature requested many times by administrators. That
permits to force your users to use a specific gatekeeper for example,
and then the gatekeeper has total control over calls. In other words,
that permits to use GM in professional environments with a total control
over what your users are doing with it.

>Christopher Warner
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