Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] [BUG] transfert call window

On mar, 2004-01-27 at 10:34, Damien Sandras wrote:

> > Does that mean you're fixing it already? :-)
> Nope, because I don't have much time.

No problem, I'll try to have a look at it.

> I'm wondering if the patches you have done above should be included
> before 1.00, or if we should simply keep the idea for post 1.00 and
> concentrate on bugfixing, testing and documentation.
> What do you think? We are already end of january.

Well, I seem to remember I asked about it and you said something like "I
wanted it to be done for 1.00 anyway", and "it doesn't change strings or
features so it's ok" ;-)

I had put it here:
(_post_ !) ;-)

But if you change your mind, it's ok too... I can just send the patches
to the list for discussion, and keep them in a post/ directory, waiting
for a more appropriate time...


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