Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] [PRE-PATCH] private struct _GmTextChat

Le 26/1/2004, "PUYDT Julien" <julien puydt laposte net> a écrit:

>On lun, 2004-01-26 at 15:13, Damien Sandras wrote:
>> But I would like the code to be consistent, so if we are moving things
>> for the text chat, we should do it for the GmWindow, which is the most
>> complex structure. If you don't want to access the fields directly,
>> then I guess a new API has to be done for some functions (something I
>> wanted to do since a long time).
>Agreed, that's why I'll probably put away some other structures/defines
>in other patches.
>For _GmCallsHistoryWindow, the only thing that makes its member public
>is the following piece of code in ldap_window.cpp, in the function
>  if (src_model == GTK_TREE_MODEL (chw->given_calls_list_store)
>      || src_model == GTK_TREE_MODEL (chw->received_calls_list_store)
>      || src_model == GTK_TREE_MODEL (chw->missed_calls_list_store)) {
>==> perhaps tools.* could provide some function (to be named?) to do

yes, ok

>For the GmWindow: I think the code will need some work before it is
>possible to move it elsewhere... I really have the impression there's
>too much in there (some things should be in the toolbar, others in the
>menu ...).

Not sure about that, but I need to have a deeper look. There should be no
reference to menu items in the GmWindow, only references to the menu
itself as it is a part of the GmWindow.

>> However, I will try to do it myself in the 2 following weeks as I think
>> it requires a deep knowledge of the code. I suggest you to try working
>> on the bugfix for the Quickcam driver if you have time
>Hmmm... I remember I wrote a mail on that  topic some time ago.
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