[GnomeMeeting-devel-list] pwlib hints with kernel 2.6.0

Le jeu 16/10/2003 à 12:42, Dennis Gilmore a écrit :
> Yes indeed  it is 2.4 based  but i was testing out 2.6.0  to see how well it 
> was progressing.  it will have everything straight out of the box  to support 
> a 2.6.0 kerenl  so i would not be supprissed to see people starting to use 
> the newer kernels.  i will look into it more.  hopefully i will be able to 
> get the spca50x  driver building against 2.6.0  also  to test that.  i need 
> to read up on the api changes.

The API didn't change (except that V4L2 has been introduced but we don't
support it yet). However, some drivers didn't fully respect the V4L API,
hence PWLIB Hints were added. For example, with bttv, it breaks with
2.6.0, that is why we changed the HINTS so that they work both on 2.4.0
and 2.6.0, but I'm surprised it doesn't work at all for you (perhaps
your version is too ancient). I would really appreciate if you could
invest a bit of time in that so that we don't have bad surprises when
releasing 1.00.

Any other person running 2.6.0 should mail us success or failure reports
with the 2.6.0 kernel.
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