Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] ILS, big problem

Hi Damien,

> We have anyway 3 solutions :
> - when the server receives a register request, it rejects it if the port
> is inaccessible
> - run a script and ban all misconfigured people
> - if the user is registered to, GM checks of it is
> reachable from the outside through, if not, it displays a
> popup and unregisters the user from ILS.

i'd rather see a slightly modified version which is not as brutal and
not as challenging for the server.

if you scan through the ils list on a difference basis (i.e. only
changed and new users since last scan), you could just flag those users
with an ldap field that their ip cannot be called. that way you'd have
say gray, red and green users in the ils browser. 
the gray ones are callable but busy.
the red ones are not callable at all.
and the green ones are callable and not busy.

if then gm would scan for this field set every once in a while (when
registering/unregistering on the server e.g.) a popup could be displayed
that a regular check has proven the setup to be non-working. 

at least for a non push-processing system (i.e. server can tell client
directly) that seems to work fine at reasonable load to me.


Best regards,

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