Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Do you like smileys?

Hi Julien,

> Eh... you just woke up don't you? ;-)

ehrm, nope ;) well, this was more a general issue and further a comment
on your "they're currently not working and just dummy items in the

> Or you would have seen that for an h323:toto adress, the menu has 3
> entries, "connect to", "add to adressbook" and "copy". If you want to
> call, just choose "connect to", instead of "copy" ! (well, s/just/you'll
> just have to/, since it isn't implemented yet, but it will be)

well, having it call from the text chat is really nice already, i
further hope there'll be a 4th item "forward to" which can be used to
transfer the current call (like i write to someone in the textchat where
to reach someone and then i put him through to that guy).

and Damien: 
show me please how to D&D over 4 screens.. *g* 
my mailclient isn't on the same desktop area as GM and neither is my
default browser window. so your D&D point doesn't really count well here

further i might have copied the url from some app (having in mind i
wanna email it to someone or write a note by other means), then i change
it for "hey, let's call that dude first and query him for a good timing
when my pal shall contact him", so now u tell me i have to go back first
and D&D? somewhat i feel that just accepting a middle-mouseclick is very
much helping with these kind of issues ;)

Best regards,

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