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On 10/07/2003 at 18:10:55(+0200), PUYDT Julien used 0.8K just to say:
> Le jeu 10/07/2003 à 17:27, Georgi Georgiev a écrit :
> > I was waiting for some feedback to track down the problems with this one. What
> > happened?
> Well, I got a look at your code in pwlib and the code in kino yesterday:
> * video1394avc.h and video1394dc.h aren't in the same dir, I find it
> disturbing, but YMMV;

Yep. video1394dc.h used to be in the same directory, but I guess it moved at a
point of time. This is weird, because both headers only work on *nix. However,
the video4dc1394.c file *is* in the "unix" directory.

> * your code looks similar to that of kino, but I don't really understand
> it well (yet), perhaps that will become clearer later;

Maybe I should try and add comments to the code and post a patch? I remember I
started with copying the dc1394 files as avc1394 and then adjusted where
necessary. I was looking mostly at the source of dvgrab for hints, but also at
kino I think.

> * I think I compiled a pwlib with debugging enabled, but I'm not sure,
> and hadn't time to test it anyway...

I guess debugging is only for those who want to use gdb. I never compiled it
with debugging, but the TRACEs always showed up when I wanted them and I find
them more useful. Using gdb on a threaded app can be a killer.

> PS: shouldn't this thread happen in the devel list instead?

I guess you're right. CC'ing this -devel related half of the thread there, so
we don't bother others here from next time.

Hm... I guess I screwed up the CC.

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