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In my opinion Speex 8k is good enough and replacing it with MS-GSM would
not be a good idea (for several reasons).

I once tested MS-GSM and was not really satisfied with it, Speex 8k is

Am Mit, 2003-01-08 um 12.45 schrieb Damien Sandras:
> I have made tests with an user yesterday who was using Speex 8k and it
> gave extremely bad results in terms of audio quality. Once we switched
> to MS-GSM, everything was perfect. What do you think to put back MS-GSM
> as default codec? Do you like Speex 8k, are u satisfied with its
> quality?
> Thanks,
> Btw, the release will be "0.96", impair numbering is now for "unstable".
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