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Damien Sandras wrote:
Please test it:

There were problems when running the video test and the audio test while
the preview is active. The problem is tha tGTK didn't seem to take the
lock. I found a workaround, but it only "hides" the bug. I mailed the
GTK Staff to have more info about that.

Notice that you can currently :
- do an audio test while being in a call

Ok I could do an audio test while being in a call and I got popups
that the device was bussy but then I could not continue from there i
had to kill GM.

- do a video test while the preview is active or while you are in a call
with video

I could not do video test while the preview is active as I told you
in the other mail I sent in private.

But when I was in a call and I did click on the preview then
I got a message on the blue test line in the druid
"Error wihle opening /dev/vide0" but in this case so could I
continue to use GM.

Those possibilities will be disabled because users could wonder why the
video test fails or why the audio test fails => I will unsensitive the
widgets when video is used or audio.

Please, please, please try to torture GnomeMeeting and make it crash,

I am trying my best, I was beating it hard the other day :)

(Doing things like refreshing ILS while you are in a call, or I don't
know. I'm sure there remains problems, and that druid problem is very
very weird. It complains the lock is not taken, but I can take it 100
times, it will not deadlock. it should).


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