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Le lun 16/12/2002 à 18:12, Damien Sandras a écrit :
> Hi,
> To lead to a coherent discussion, I think the first questions to answer
> are:
> - Is it useful for users to keep a way to fix a precise and given frame
> rate/video quality ?
i don't know if lots of ppl tweak this really
but it could be usefull in certain cases i guess

> - does giving a fixed range for FPS and quality with a bandwidth setting
> bring as much functionnality as the old way ?
i think that will bring ppl the fact they don't have to understand this
feature and will make things easier for them to not tweak that
but it will mean to provide standard setings that willperhaps not fit

> Once we have answered that question, and if the answer is yes, we can
> find a way to integrate both things.

my 2 euro cents


ALPHONSO Fabrice <fabrice alphonso dyndns org>

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